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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.20 Technical Level

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What's New in Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP.20


  • Policy installation robustness
  • Firewall policy and AMW policy installation performance improvements
  • Support fullsync queue to reduce load from the Security Module Object(SMO) addresing pull configuration failures scenarios when all SGMs pull configuration at the same time.
  • Policy recovery mechanism enhancement, fixing issues of SGMs staying in DOWN state upon bad policy push.


  • General security fixes
  • SYN Defender (synatk) bug fixes


  • Support Smart Update
  • License expiration confirmation in Expert shell


  • CCP Load traffic reduction
  • Bond over Management interfaces
  • Link state propagation for bridge mode
  • Dynamic routing stability fixes


  • VSX push configuration robustness - new improved and robust VSX configuration distribution mechanism
  • asg diag VSX hardware utilization diagnostics - verification that system is optimally utilized in terms of CPU, CoreXL and Connections Limit


  • Support "cp_uploader" to upload "asg_info" files to Check Point FTP server


  • "asg diag" new verifiers for better diagnostic of setup problems
  • Performance improvement of "asg diag" verifiers


  • New Security Switch Module (SSM) firmware 2.4.C20 (resolves an issue that might cause the majority of the traffic arriving to the SSM to be dropped)
  • Minor CMM version visibility


  • Chassis state monitoring enhancement ("asg monitor" command) e.g indicating SGM is rebooting, not communicating etc.



In order to receive the images, please contact the following mailing list
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To speed up the process, please fill out this form and attach it to the e-mail request you send to the mailing list.

Note: For Official Data Center Security Appliances version names, see sk65305.


Installation instructions

Installation of R76SP.20 image, or Upgrade to R76SP.20:




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