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Timezone data of a few regions are missing from Gaia OS R77.30 Technical Level
  • Timezone data of a few regions are missing from R77.30 Gaia Clish and Gaia Portal.

Due to changes and unification of timezones, according to global updates, a few regions share the same timezone data. Therefore, only the main region is listed in Gaia OS, and similar regions should use main region.


Define regions according to following table if one of them is missing and cannot be configured in Gaia Clish / Gaia Portal:

Old Region New Region
Africa/Addis_Ababa Africa/Nairobi
Africa/Asmara Africa/Nairobi
Africa/Bamako Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Bangui Africa/Lagos
Africa/Banjul Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Blantyre Africa/Maputo
Africa/Brazzaville Africa/Lagos
Africa/Bujumbura Africa/Maputo
Africa/Conakry Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Dakar Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Dar_es_Salaam Africa/Nairobi
Africa/Djibouti Africa/Nairobi
Africa/Douala Africa/Lagos
Africa/Freetown Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Gaborone Africa/Maputo
Africa/Harare Africa/Maputo
Africa/Kampala Africa/Nairobi
Africa/Kigali Africa/Maputo
Africa/Kinshasa Africa/Lagos
Africa/Libreville Africa/Lagos
Africa/Lome Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Luanda Africa/Lagos
Africa/Lubumbashi Africa/Maputo
Africa/Lusaka Africa/Maputo
Africa/Malabo Africa/Lagos
Africa/Maseru Africa/Johannesburg
Africa/Mbabane Africa/Johannesburg
Africa/Mogadishu Africa/Nairobi
Africa/Niamey Africa/Lagos
Africa/Nouakchott Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Ouagadougou Africa/Abidjan
Africa/Porto-Novo Africa/Lagos
Africa/Sao_Tome Africa/Abidjan
America/Antigua America/Port_of_Spain
America/Cayman America/Panama
Asia/Aden Asia/Riyadh
Asia/Bahrain Asia/Qatar
Asia/Chongqing Asia/Shanghai
Asia/Harbin Asia/Shanghai
Asia/Kashgar Asia/Urumqi
Asia/Kuwait Asia/Riyadh
Asia/Muscat Asia/Dubai
Asia/Phnom_Penh Asia/Bangkok
Asia/Vientiane Asia/Bangkok
Atlantic/St_Helena Africa/Abidjan
Indian/Antananarivo Africa/Nairobi
Indian/Comoro Africa/Nairobi
Indian/Mayotte Africa/Nairobi
Pacific/Midway Pacific/Pago_Pago
Pacific/Saipan Pacific/Guam

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