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Threat Prevention policy installation fails with "Compilation failed" Technical Level
  • Threat Prevention policy installation fails in SmartDashboard with the following error:

    Compilation failed. 
    Operation was unsuccessful.
  • Manually loading the Threat Prevention policy under debug with "fwm -d load -p threatprevention <Name_of_Policy> <Name_of_Gateway>" command shows the following errors:

    Installing policy on Antimalware compatible targets: 
      amw_add_key: fread() failed 
      amw_load: amw_add_key() failed 
      amw_load_main: amw_load has failed 
      main: amw_load_main() failed 
     Operation was unsuccessful. 

The internal total path to Security Management Server / Domain Management Server and policy package exceeded the available buffer (e.g, when name of Domain Management Server is longer than 35-40 characters).

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