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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.10_VSLS Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • What's New
  • Important Notes
  • Downloads
  • Installation instructions
  • Documentation
  • Revision History
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What's New in Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP.10_VSLS

  • Each Virtual System can be Active either on Chassis1, or Chassis2.
  • Primary Chassis can be set either automatically, or manually.
  • Performance - Both Chassis process traffic, i.e., performance is doubled!
  • Enhanced Redundancy - Virtual System failure does not affect other Virtual Systems.
  • Virtual Systems in Layer 2 and Layer 3.


Important Notes

  • R76SP.10_VSLS code is based on R76SP.10 (R76SP.10_VSLS GA image Take 36 is aligned to Take_37 of R76SP.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator).
  • R76SP.10_VSLS does not require any special hardware - it uses the same hardware and firmware package as R76SP.10.
  • R76SP.10_VSLS supports up to 2 Chassis in a single Security System.
  • R76SP.10 does not contain Chassis VSLS capability (it is integrated in R76SP.30 release).



In order to receive the images, please contact the following mailing list
(it might take up to 24 hours to provide an answer, not including Fridays and Saturdays):

To speed up the process, please fill out this form and attach it to the e-mail request you send to the mailing list.

Note: For Official Data Center Security Appliances version names, see sk65305.


Installation instructions

  1. Perform Fresh Installation of R76SP.10_VSLS:

    1. Contact the following mailing list:
    2. Refer to the relevant Getting Started Guide in "Documentation" section below
    3. Refer to Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP.10_VSLS Release Notes - Chapter "Working with Chassis VSLS"

  2. Install the mandatory Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.10_VSLS - Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator (Full Connectivity or Regular installation).




Revision History

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15 July 2019  Link to Release map was replaced
23 Aug 2017 Updated link to the Known Limitations article
02 Dec 2015 "Documentation" section - added a link to sk105706 - R76SP.10_VSLS - Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator
13 July 2014 First release of this document
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