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RouteD daemon stops working when BGP is configured on Gaia OS Technical Level
  • Occasionally, there is a traffic outage that relies on BGP.

  • /var/log/messages file might show:
    • routed[PID]: Assertion failed routed[PID]: file "bgp/bgp_rt.c", line XXX: "bnp->bgp_state == 6"
      routed[PID]: Abort routed[PID] version routed-<DATE>-<TIME>: Invalid argument

    • kernel: routed[PID]: segfault at ... rip ... rsp ... error 6
      kernel: do_coredump: corename = |/etc/coredump/ /var/log/dump/usermode/routed.<PID>.core
  • After enabling generation of core dump files per sk92764, core dump files for 'RouteD' process were generated in the /var/log/dump/usermode/ directory.


RouteD daemon crashes.

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