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There is no response when querying SNMP 64-bit counters after upgrading VSX R77.x to R77.30 Technical Level
  • There is no response (no error, no timeout) when querying SNMP 64-bit (High-Capacity) counters on VSX.


    [Expert@VSX:0]# snmpwalk -n ctxname_vsid1 -v 3 -l authNoPriv -u <username> -A <password> localhost ifHCInOctets
  • Affected environments:

    1. VSX R77, VSX R77.10, VSX R77.20 that was upgraded using in-place upgrade
    2. SNMP mode was configured to "vs" (Clish command 'set snmp mode vs') before the in-place upgrade

The configuration file /etc/snmp/vsx-proxy/snmpd.vsx.proxy.conf was not updated with new configuration relevant for R77.30

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