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"CPPRODIS_init_error_logging" error on console
  • "CPRODIS_init_error_logging: failed to retrieve directory path for product 'cpshared'. Cannot set cyclic log file for product 'cpshared' application 'cprid'" error on the console.

  • "Loading" message on the appliance LCD screen.

  • cpconfig command shows: "cpconfig: can not get CPDIR from the registry"

    fw stat command shows: "Could not initialize SIC.: Too many links"

  • cpstart command returns:

    get_pkxld_patch: cpshared_filename failed
    cpsart A file is missing or has been modified. For more details run cphash -v

  • # cphaprob stat shows Local host is not a FireWall-1 module 
  • Many corrupted files in $CPDIR/registry/ directory.

  • Appliance is slow and unresponsive and cannot connect to the SmartDashboard

  • Rebooting the Firewall will not resolve the problem.

The file is corrupted.

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