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"There is insufficient disk space for the installation of this application" error during R77.30 installation Technical Level
  • When the user upgrades from R77, R77.10 or R77.20 to R77.30, the following error appears:

    Welcome to Check Point R77.30 installation 
    There is insufficient disk space for the installation of this application.
    In order to install this application <VOLUME-SIZE> MB is required under <PARTITION>



The amount of free disk space left on a partition named "vg_splat-lv_current" is less than what is specified in the error message. As a result, the upgrade cannot proceed.


Use the lvm_manager command (in Expert mode) to increase the following partition by the required disk space:

Message shows
"... XXX MB is required under <PARTITION>":
The target partition to be
increased in lvm_manager:
/ (root) lv_current
/var/log lv_log

Note: You will be required to have additional free unused space equal to the size of the target lv_XXX partition plus the amount of missing disk space as specified in the error message.

For additional information about the "lvm_manager" command, refer to sk95566 - Managing partition sizes via LVM manager on Gaia OS.

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