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Policy installation fails with "Error: Inside #ifdef block at end of input" Technical Level
  • Installing policy on R77.X Security Gateway(s) and UTM-1 Edge device(s) at the same time might fail during Policy Compilation with the following error:

    cpp: line N, Error: Inside #ifdef block at end of input, depth = X
    1 error in preprocessor
    Error compiling IPv6 flavor.
    Compilation failed.
    Operation ended with errors.



As we see from the error message, policy installation fails on the preprocessor stage, because one of the required files (updates.def in this case) is truncated.

This was caused by the race condition between fwcpp and vpnd processes (vpnd process runs when installing policy on Edge devices): fwcpp reads the updates.def file, while vpnd runs database conversion and modifies this updates.def (among other files) at the same time.

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