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Downloading Database updates fails when Security Management server is down Technical Level
  • Configuration: The Gateway is configured to download Anti-Virus database updates from the local Security Management Server. If the Security Management is unavailable, gateway should directly download updates from Check Point's remote website:

    Problem: When the Security Management server is down, updates fail with reason "AV engine (kav) failed to install update (exit=29: Connection has been closed by remote host)"

  • cpd debug shows

    [CPD]...[DATE TIME] AVSU_KSS_launch_KU2D_th: CpProcessWait() exited, rc=29
    [CPD]...[DATE TIME] AVSU_KSS_launch_KU2D_ml: start
    [CPD]...[DATE TIME] exit=29: Connection has been closed by remote host

Gateway still tries to reach the Security Management rather than Check Point's web site, due to an incorrect value assigned to the <Url> field in /opt/KAV/settings.xml: instead of

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