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SecureXL is enabled, but the traffic is not accelerated Technical Level
  • With SecureXL enabled, the "fwaccel stats -s" command shows that 100% of the traffic is F2F, no traffic is being accelerated.

  • The "fwaccel stat" command shows that SecureXL is enabled.

Critical performance impact IPS protections are enabled.


There are almost no protections that will cause the traffic to be fully accelerated - only default IPS profile protections set allows full acceleration. Most of the recommended profile protections will cause the traffic to go to the medium path (PXL).

Protections that cause the traffic to be F2F-ed are marked as performance critical, but not all critical performance protections cause the traffic to be F2Fed.

Refer to sk32578 for a list of some IPS protection may decrease SecureXL performance.

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