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Pushing VSX configuration fails with "Domain Management Server NAME_of_DOMAIN is not responding" Technical Level
  • Pushing VSX configuration to a Virtual System (when clicking on OK in the object) fails with the following:

    Checking connection with VSX
    Domain Management Server NAME_of_DOMAIN is not responding.
    Virtual System Processing Completed with Errors.
    Pushing network configuration to Virtual System operation has finished
    Operation has failed.
  • Some interfaces are missing from the management database on Main Domain.

  • Debug of FWM process on Target Domain per sk33207 shows:
    :status_txt ("Disconnected from Domain Management Server.")

  • Before the issue started, database of one of the Domains was reverted to a previous stage.


FWM process crashes on Main Domain when pushing VSX configuration on Target Domain.

Possible causes:

  • Management database on Target Domain differs from the management database on the Main Domain.
  • Interfaces configuration is corrupted on the involed Domains.

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