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"Failed to Load Security Policy: Bad address" error on policy installation failure Technical Level
  • Kernel debug on Security Gateway (fw ctl debug -m kiss error warning ioctl pm htab ghtab mtctx salloc / Fw ctl debug –m CI all / Fw ctl debug –m fw + filter ioctl cmi) shows:

    ci_policy_settings_av_smtp_new: [WARNING]: failed to get ci_av_smtp_err_text_line parameter value
    ci_policy_settings_av_smtp_new: [WARNING]: failed to get ci_av_smtp_return_smtp_ok_upon parameter value
    ci_policy_settings_av_check_smb_enabled: [WARNING]: failed to get ci_av_scan_smb parameter value
    ci_module_load: [ERROR]: trying to enable AV legacy mode while its set to 2
    ci_module_load: [FATAL ERROR]: failed loading ci_module
    FW-1: Warning: atomic loading failed during ci_module_load()
    FW-1: Warning: atomic loading failed during policy replacement (preparation stage)

  • Output of fw -d fetchlocal -d command on Security Gateway shows:

    fw-creditbank[date/time] fw_atomic_destroy: set FWHA_CUL_POLICY_STATE_FREEZE to: FWHA_CUL_POLICY_STATE_FREEZE_OFF
    Failed to Load Security Policy: Bad address
    fw-creditbank[date/time] fw_rfetchx_local_ex: failed to load Security Policy

  • Policy installation fails with "Failed to Load Security Policy: Bad address" error.


Duplicated Anti-Virus blade is selected on the object.

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