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RouteD daemon on Gaia OS might crash when working with OSPF Technical Level
  • OSPF neighbors remain in "Loading" state for a long time.

  • /var/log/messages file shows that RouteD daemon has crashed with core dump file:

    kernel: do_coredump: corename = "/etc/coredump/ /var/log/dump/usermode/routed.PID.core
    kernel: do_coredump: argv_arr[0] = /etc/coredump/
    kernel: do_coredump: argv_arr[1] = /var/log/dump/usermode/routed.PID.core

RouteD sends Link State Request (LSR) for its own LSAs, but does not accept them when neighbor resends them (OSPF trace shows "OSPF LSA: Received own LSA ... must flush").

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