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"CPUSE requires a valid license for downloads and updates" message in Gaia Portal Technical Level
  • "CPUSE requires a valid license for downloads and updates. The trial license is currently active and will expire on DD-MMM-YYY HH:MM:SS" message in Gaia Portal ('Upgrades (CPUSE)' pane / 'Software Updates' pane - 'Status and Actions' - "Important Messages" section at the top).


  • The option 'Automatically download Contracts and other important data (Recommended)' is enabled in 'Global Properties' per sk94508.

  • Debug of Gaia Software Updates Agent daemon (per sk92449) shows in /opt/CPInstLog/DeploymentAgent.log:
    DEBUG: The user has not authorized downloads, not performing update.

  • When in the WebUI the below message is presented stating: Error: Your currently installed license is not entitled to receive updates from CheckPoint download center. Contact CheckPoint Account Services for Assistance.

CPUSE process (DAservice) is not authorized to perform updates.

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