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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.10 Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • What's New
  • Downloads
  • Installation instructions
  • Documentation
  • Revision History
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What's New in Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP.10


  • Multiple stability fixes (more than 400) in a wide range of features
  • Automated memory leak detection tool
  • Simplified Hotfix deployment process using designated utility


  • General security fixes
  • Improved VPN with 3rd party
  • asg_swb_update_verifier: Software Blades updates control and monitoring
  • VPN Source-based Multiple Entry Points (MEP)


  • 'upgrade_wizard' is a new utility allowing an almost automatic upgrade procedure between major versions (supports upgrade from R75.40VS for 61000 Take 176 and higher releases to this release)
  • Connectivity Upgrade - Old and New connections survive cluster failover during upgrade (supports upgrade from R75.40VS for 61000 Take 176 and higher releases to this release)


  • Jumbo frames integration with GCLISH
  • Automatic assignment of Unique MAC during First Time Wizard
  • Virtual Switch stability fixes
  • Layer 2 deployments can use all distribution modes (General, User/Network)


  • CPU usage monitoring per Virtual System (aggregated and integrated in 'asg perf')
  • Memory usage monitoring per Virtual System (aggregated and integrated in 'asg perf')
  • NetFlow support
  • RADIUS support
  • TACACS support
  • Access interface can now pass non-IP tagged packets


  • Syslog from kernel for accounting logs
  • Logs Local Storage configuration:
    • Enabled by default
    • Can be adjusted from Gateway side


  • 'asg diag' new validations
  • Extended 'asg vsx' verifier
  • 'mac_verifier' new validations


  • SGMs LEDs control - detect hardware on Chassis by signaling the user LEDs in the front of the SGM ('asg_detection')
  • Improved error handling for hardware failures
  • New SSM firmware to solve 4x10G splitter connectivity issues


  • Performance hogs monitoring (as part of 'asg diag')
  • SNMP MIB compatibility/compilation by 3rd party NMS
  • 'asg_cores_util': monitor system-wide per-CPU core utilization
    • Also available through SNMP

Gaia OS

  • Backup and Restore - GCLISH support
    • Scheduling backup to remote server
    • Restoring backup from remote server



In order to receive the images and hotfix packages, please contact the following mailing list
(it might take up to 24 hours to provide an answer, not including Fridays and Saturdays):

To speed up the process, please fill out this form and attach it to the e-mail request you send to the mailing list.

Note: For Official Data Center Security Appliances version names, see sk65305.


Installation instructions

Important Note: Installation of R76SP.10 involves two steps:

  1. Perform Fresh Installation of R76SP.10 image, or perform Upgrade to R76SP.10

    • For Fresh Installation instructions - refer to the relevant Getting Started Guide in "Documentation" section below
    • For Upgrade instructions - contact the following mailing list:

  2. Install the mandatory Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.10 - Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator (Full Connectivity or Regular installation).




Revision History

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