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How to activate inspection on internal traffic on 600/700/1100/1200R/1400 appliances Technical Level

By default, LAN traffic is not inspected by deep inspection blades. To turn this inspection on, please follow these instructions.

For Locally Managed appliances: 

  1. Open WebUI.
  2. Go to Device tab.
  3. Open Advanced Settings Page.
  4. Open "Stateful Inspection -> Allow LAN-LAN DPI" or "Stateful Inspection -> Allow LAN-DMZ DPI" attribute.
  5. Select the checkbox.
  6. Click "Apply".


For Centrally Managed appliance:

  1. Connect to Security Management Server with GuiDBedit Tool.
  2. Under the Global Properties -> properties -> firewall_properties , find a property called "dpi_lan_lan" or "dpi_lan_dmz".
  3. Set the relevant property to "true".
  4. Save the changes: go to 'File' menu - click on 'Save All'.
  5. Close the GuiDBedit Tool.
  6. Install Policy on your device.

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