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Simultaneous ping to IPv6 addresses of cluster members and to Cluster Virtual IPv6 address does not work
  • Cannot simultaneously ping Cluster Virtual IPv6 address and physical IPv6 addresses of cluster members.

  • Cannot ping Cluster Virtual IPv6 address.

  • Setting the value of kernel parameter "fw_allow_simultaneous_ping" to "1" has no effect on IPv6 pings - neither when setting with "fw6 ctl set int fw_allow_simultaneous_ping 1" command, nor when setting in the $FWDIR/boot/modules/fwkern.conf file.

  • Kernel debug shows that the IPv6 pings are dropped due to link collision ("fwconn_key_set_link: failed to set the link (-3);") as described in sk26874.

  • Simultaneous ping to IPv4 addresses works correctly.


The kernel parameter "fw_allow_simultaneous_ping" does not support IPv6.

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