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Backing up Gaia system level configuration Technical Level

Creating a backup of the system level configuration in Gaia will preserve information such as static routes, interface IP address information, etc. This is useful when doing a fresh install in lieu of an in-place upgrade, or doing a migration to new hardware.

To create the configuration file, use the following procedure:

  1. Log in to the command line on the Security Gateway or Security Management.
  2. Run the following command with the filename of your choice:
     HostName > save configuration <filename>

This will create a file with your current system level configuration in the home directory of the current user.
For example, if logged in as "admin", the file will be located in /home/admin.

To load the configuration, use the following procedure:

Run Gaia First time configuration Wizard first when loading the configuration to a Gaia fresh installed device.

  1. Copy the file into the home directory of the user you will log in as.
    For example, if you will log in as "admin", put the file in /home/admin.

  2. Log in to the Security Gateway or Security Management server.

  3. Run the following command using the name of the configuration file.
    A message will display showing the current progress and any errors that are encountered.
    Then save config to commit the changes:

    HostName > set clienv on-failure continue
    HostName > load configuration <filename>
    HostName > set clienv on-failure stop
    HostName > save config


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