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Virtual System does not respond to SNMP query after in-place upgrade to R75.40VS / R76 / R77 / R77.10 / R77.20
  • When querying a specific Virtual System over SNMP, there is no response or timeout occurs.

    [Expert@HostName:0]# snmpwalk -v3 -a md5 -A xxx -l authPriv -m ALL -x des -X xxx -u xxx -n ctxname_vsid1 localhost
    Timeout: No Response from
  • SNMP Mode is set to 'vs' mode (monitors all of Virtual Systems).

  • Issue started after in-place upgrade of VSX Gateway to R75.40VS / R76 / R77 / R77.10 / R77.20.


The /etc/snmp/vsx-proxy/snmpd.vsx.proxy.conf file was over-written during in-place upgrade.

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