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When remote access users connect to the local 600 / 1100 VPN server and establish VoIP Call, one of the sides is unable to hear anything Technical Level
  • When a Remote access VPN user is establishing an outgoing VoIP Call on Check Point 600 / 1100 VPN server, one of the sides is unable to hear anything.

  • Debug output (fw ctl zdebug + drop) shows messages related to the Office Mode client IP:

    "dropped by fw_conn_inspect Reason: post lookup verification failed".

  • Debug output (#fw ctl zdebug + conn) shows the reason for the above drop:

    FW-1: fw_log_bad_conn_ex: reason Connection contains real IP of NATed address
    fw_conn_inspect: post lookup verification failed. Dropping packet
    VM Final action=VANISH

  • Security Gateway cannot match backward connection on one of the created symbolic links in Connections Table, since connection was matched on more than one NAT rule.

  •  The Security Gateway performs Hide NAT for internal connections even when it is not needed.

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