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New events are not shown in SmartEvent; CPSEMD daemon consumes CPU and randomly crashes with core dump files Technical Level
  • New events are not shown in SmartEvent GUI.

  • Output of "top" command shows that 'cpsemd' process consumes CPU at high level.

  • After enabling generation of core dump files per sk92764 / sk53363, core dump files for 'CPSEMD' process are randomly generated in the /var/log/dump/usermode/ directory.

  • $RTDIR/log/cpsemd.elg file on SmartEvent Server repeatedly shows:

    [CPSEMD PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] failed query:
    	query = "INSERT INTO Source ( ... )  RETURNING rowid ; "
    	error message = "ERROR:  value too long for type character varying(255)
    [CPSEMD PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] failed query:
    	query = "INSERT INTO Users ( ... )  VALUES  ( ... )  RETURNING rowid ; "
    	error message = "ERROR:  current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
    [CPSEMD PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] Failed to execute query! (query: ...)
    ... ... ...
    [CPSEMD PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] Error: Failed to insert/update event in database. 
    [CPSEMD PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] Failed event data is:

The values that are being inserted into 'user_group' fields exceed the limit of 255 characters.

This error is most likely to occur for Identity Awareness events where user belongs to several large AD groups.

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