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SmartProvisioning design flaw when editing Office Mode interface in Edge configuration Technical Level
  • When using SmartProvisioning to edit Edge object properties, when editing Office Mode interface, there are 2 tabs: Office Mode, and DHCP. If you disable Office Mode, then DHCP should (logically) be disabled, as well. However, user still have a choice to either enable or disable DHCP.

  • If you keep DHCP enabled and push the Dynamic Object, this will result in "success", although it does not make sense since DHCP cannot work on the disabled Office Mode interface.

  • If you disable DHCP and either disable or enable Office Mode and attempt to push the Dynamic Object, this will result in "success". However, the change to Office Mode and all additional changes (such as changing IP address to any interface) WILL NOT BE PUSHED. The configuration will stay as it was.

  • In SmartLog, these logs are created that indicate that there is an issue:

    • "Error-60057: DHCP Mode in Office Mode be always enabled"
    • "Error-30026: ConfigSet Error: ConfigSet installation failed"
    However, this is not represented in any way in SmartProvisioning.
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