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Gaia command 'config_system' does not complete the configuration Technical Level
  • Gaia command config_system does not complete the configuration properly (sk69701 - How to run the First Time Configuration Wizard through CLI in Gaia):

    • Configuration of Security Management Server product / Log Server product

      • When running "cpconfig" command, it starts going through the process of configuring Check Point products
      • Cannot establish SIC with Log Server in SmartDashboard, and unable to log in to Log Server with SmartView Tracker
      • Output of "cpwd_admin list" command on the Security Management Server / Log Server does not show FWM and FWD processes

    • Configuration of Security Gateway

      • Default Gateway is not configured

    • Configuration of SmartEvent Server product

      • SmartEvent Suite and Correlation Unit are not installed/configured on Security Management Server (although they should)
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