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User and Device Management Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • UDM Product Description
  • What's New
  • Downloads
  • Documentation
  • Known Limitations

User and Device Management R77.30.01 (Hotfix #6) is now available.

Refer to R77.30.01 HF2 User and Device Management Administration Guide

IMPORTANT: Check Point recommends to always update your systems to the most recent software release to stay current with the latest functional improvements, stability fixes, security enhancements and protection against new and evolving attacks.

UDM Product Description

UDM (User and Device Management) is a web based application that manages a range of user and device related tasks in an organization. A typical user accesses organizational resources from multiple devices: computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

UDM provides a unified environment for managing various user and device related tasks, such as provisioning, transparency of access via SmartLog logs, viewing user and device details, certificate management, AD user management, and FDE password recovery (for Endpoint Security clients).

With UDM, security administrators can delegate user and device management tasks to Help Desk administrators. This delegation of responsibilities lets the network security team handle security policy issues and the Help Desk team manage some user access tasks.

As of User and Device Management R77.30.01 (Hotfix #3), UDM requires a Security Management license.

What's New

  • Remote Access certificate management

    • Manage, create, and revoke user certificates for remote access.
    • Use email templates to send information to users on how to connect remotely from their devices.

  • Integration with Active Directory

    • See all users in the organization and the devices they are using to connect to organizational resources.
    • Change the status of Active Directory users when necessary (expired, disabled, or locked).
    • Manage Active Directory user groups.

  • Integration with SmartLog

    • See user login and activity logs.
    • Search and filter logs for a specified user.
    • See if a device is connected or disconnected.

  • Integration with Endpoint Security Server

    • Activity of users and devices.
    • FDE password recovery.
    • Active Directory integration.


Download Name Gaia Secure Platform Linux Windows
User and Device Management (UDM) Server  (ISO)  (ISO)    (ISO)
R77.10 UDM Security Management Hotfix  (TGZ)  (TGZ)  (TGZ)  (TGZ)



User and Device Management Documentation
UDM Administration Guide

Known Limitations

Important notes:

  • To get a fix for an issue listed below contact Check Point Support with the issue ID.

  • To see if an issue has been fixed in other releases, search for the issue ID in Support Center.
ID Symptoms
After installing the UDM Portal on a Windows machine from an ISO or CD, the UDM Portal is not automatically activated.


  1. Complete the installation.
  2. Reboot the machine, as requested.
  3. After the reboot:

    1. Open command line (Run > cmd).
    2. Run: udm_deactivation
    3. Run: udm_activation
To manage an R77.20 Security Management Server in the UDM Portal, make sure that the R77.20 Plug-in was installed on the Security Management Server.

When the UDM server is installed on a Secure Platform OS, there is no automatic redirection from HTTP to HTTPS when browsing to the UDM Portal. When trying to log in, the user gets the login screen again.

Workaround: Browse directly to HTTPS. For example: https:///udm_portal

  Log Server
When using an external Log Server, you must click "Refresh" in the UDM > Logs tab to see external log server logs.
  Active Directory
When there is a connectivity issue between the UDM machine and a configured Active Directory, searching for a user when the search context is "Any" will result in an error.

Workaround: Select a specific Active Directory that has no connectivity issues.

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