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Reconfigure single VSX Gateway R77.10 / R77.20 / R77.30 Technical Level

Refer to the main sk97552 (VSX Reconfigure and Upgrade Matrix to R77.10 / R77.20 / R77.30).


When to use this procedure

  • After unrecoverable hardware or software failure.



Note: Renewable in the procedure below denotes a single VSX Gateway, which should be reconfigured.

  1. Backup the involved machines at the same time:

    • Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Security Management Server
    • Renewable single VSX Gateway

    Note: Refer to "Related Documentation" section below - "How to Backup".

  2. After a hardware failure on VSX machine, install replacement machine with identical hardware configuration.

  3. Perform clean installation of R77.10 / R77.20 / R77.30 on the Renewable single VSX Gateway (refer to "Related Documentation" section below).

  4. Run Gaia First Time Configuration Wizard on the Renewable single VSX Gateway (refer to sk71000 and sk69701).
    In case of recovery from a failure, you must use the same Management IP address as was used by the previous cluster member (prior to the failure).
    In case of adding new member, you will need to set the member IP address as specified in the 'vsx_util add_member' procedure.

  5. In case Bonding needs to be configured, then configure it now on the Renewable single VSX Gateway. Refer to the R77 Gaia Administration Guide.

  6. If any hotfixes were installed, then install them on the Renewable single VSX Gateway.
    For hotfix installation instructions, refer to the release notes that were provided with the hotfix, or contact Check Point Support.

  7. Install the required licenses on the Renewable single VSX Gateway using cplic put command.

  8. Start the reconfigure process on the Security Management Server / Main Domain Management Server.

    Run the 'vsx_util reconfigure' command and follow on screen instructions.

    Important Note: If you have vital configuration in Gaia OS / FireWall / SecureXL / CoreXL / etc. (e.g., Dynamic Routing, DHCP Relay, $FWDIR/boot/modules/fwkern.conf, $PPKDIR/boot/modules/simkern.conf, $FWDIR/conf/fwaffinity.conf, or any other special configuration), then do NOT reboot after the reconfigure operation. First, reconfigure the required Gaia OS settings in Clish, add the required settings in the configuration files, and only then reboot the machine.


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How to Backup:

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