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Configuring an interface in Gaia Portal to obtain an IP address from DHCP causes all other interfaces to lose their current configuration and also obtain an IP address from DHCP
  • Problematic scenario (order of these steps is important):

    1. Connect to Gaia Portal.
    2. Go to 'Network Management' pane.
    3. Click on 'Network Interfaces'.
    4. Select an interface - click on 'Edit' button.
    5. Go to 'IPv4' tab.
    6. Select 'Obtain IPv4 address automatically'.
    7. At the top of this window, clear the box 'Enable'.
    8. Click on 'OK'.
    9. All other interfaces with configured static IPv4 addresses lose their current IPv4 addresses and also become configured with 'Obtain IPv4 address automatically'.
  • This issue does not occur when performing the above configuration steps in Clish.


'dhclient' process does not take the state of the interface (enabled/disabled) into account.

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