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SNMP OID . (multiProcInterrupts) returns zero values ; SmartView Monitor show wrong CPU utilization
  • SmartView Monitor shows wrong CPU utilization on Security Gateway (comparing to the output of 'top' command).

  • Output of 'cpstat -f cpu os' / 'cpstat os -f multi_cpu' commands on Security Gateway shows wrong CPU utilization (comparing to the output of 'top' command).

  • 'snmpwalk' command for OID . (multiProcInterrupts) returns zero values.

  • Output of 'top' command on Security Gateway shows correct CPU utilization.

  • Debug of CPD daemon (per sk86320) during the issue shows that all the queries have these same results:

    CpGetCpuStat: Processor interrupts = 0
    CpGetCpuStat: Processor previous interrupts = 4294967295

The SNMP query returns a zero value for the number of interrupts per second if the total number of interrupts in /proc/stat exceeds a maximal possible 32-bit value (4294967295).

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