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Problem with license count when SNX and ICS are enabled
  • Unable to get more that 21 concurrent connections with Mobile Access. The installed license should allow 50 (CPSB-SSLVPN-50)

  • Error message received (if any): "Too many users connected (client)"

  • SmartView Tracker shows: "Mobile Access Info - CPSB-MOB limit reached"

  • Issue appeared after upgrade from R77 to R77.10.

  • While the number of users in SmartDashboard shows 13:

    • New users in Mobile Access cannot log in.
    • Affects logins from AD, Local and those with certificates
    • New users using MobileVPN app on iOS and Android can still log in
    • New users from MobileVPN app do not affect SmartDashboard or SmartView Monitor user count for Mobile Access
    • However MobileVPN app on iOS/Android shows users connected to IPSec VPN.
    • New users on Windows MobileVPN applications can still log in.These clients are not listed as IPSecVPN.
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