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OSPF routes are not advertised due to MTU size restriction Technical Level
  • Some OSPF routes are not advertised to peer.
  • Total number of routes to be advertised is more than the MTU allows.
  • OSPF neighbor state is stuck on LOADING phase.
  • Debug for routed daemon according to SK84520 shows the following messages in routed.log:
    task_send_packet_iovec: task OSPF2_IO socket 17 length 1800 if_index 5 to Y.Y.Y.Y: Message too long 
    OSPFv2: *NOT* SENT X.X.X.X -> Y.Y.Y.Y LSU length 1780 (1780) 

The handling of fragmentation was incorrect in the Gaia kernel.

Routed passed packets to be sent out towards peers and due to fragmentation it was sent with incorrect headers. 

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