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PEPD process consumes CPU at 100%
  • Output of 'top' command shows that PEPD process consumes CPU at very high level (up to 100%).

  • Output of 'fw tab -t pep_async_id_calls -s' command shows that the PEAK value constantly changes from zero to some high value and to zero again.

  • PEPD debug shows ($FWDIR/log/pepd.elg*):

    • NAC::IS::KernelTable::Table::iterator::iterator: Failed to retrieve the number of elements from the table pep_networks_to_pdp_db; ret_val: -1
    • [PEP (TD::Important)] PEP::EventHandler::FinishFailedNetworkRegisterRequests: Sending NETWORK_REGISTER_RESPONSE with failure
  • After enabling Identity Sharing, the PEPD process does not respond.

  • Identity Awareness tables are showing networks that aren't shared anymore
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