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Error "getStaticRoutes - no nexthop type found for key" when trying to 'Fetch Settings From Device' in SmartDashboard Technical Level
  • Added static routes on a Security Gateway in Gaia Portal (IPv4 Static Routes -> Add Multiple Static Routes).

    Now, in SmartDashboard, go to 'Firewall' tab - click on 'Gateways' pane - right-click on that Security Gateway - select 'Maintenance' sub-menu - click on 'Fetch Settings From Device'.

    The following error message appears in the 'Last Task' column:
    Fetch Settings From Device: getStaticRoutes - no nextop type found for key X.X.X.X/Y


  • Debugging the 'getStaticRoutes' (# bash -x /usr/bin/getStaticRoutes getStaticRoutes route_nexthop_type X.X.X.X/Y ipv4) shows it is checking for "dbget $prefix:gateway" and not finding it.


Static routes added in Gaia Portal (IPv4 Static Routes -> Add Multiple Static Routes) are not added correctly.

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