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How to use Windows Check Point Mobile VPN plugin / Check Point Capsule VPN to connect to Locally Managed SMB appliance Technical Level

Check Point Mobile VPN plugin is a part of Windows 8.1 (including Windows RT 8.1) - sk96006.

In addition, Check Point Capsule VPN is now available for Windows 10 - sk107536.

To use this VPN client you need to have:

    • Remote Access blade turned on on appliance

    • Mobile client turned on Windows

  • Remote Access settings at default (443 and "Reserve port 443 for port forwarding" is disabled):

    "Device" tab > "Advanced Setting" > search for "Remote Access Port" 


To setup the Windows 8.1 Mobile VPN plugin / Check Point Capsule VPN:

    1. Open the Charms bar (slide from the right or "Win + C") and click "Settings"


    1. Select "Change PC Settings".

    1. Click on "Network".

    1. Under connections select "Add a VPN connection".

    1. Choose Check Point VPN as the provider, enter a name for the connection and also enter the server name or address and click "Save".

    1. You should see your connection in the Connections page now.

    1. Head back to the Charms bar and click "Networks".

    1. Under Connections, you will see your VPN connection. Click on it and click "Connect".

    1. Select the authentication method (for example, Username and Password). Click "Next".

    2. First time connection will show you the finger print. Just hit "Next".

    1. Enter the Username and Password and click "OK".

  1. You will now be connected.

Applies To:
  • Windows 8.1; Windows 10

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