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R77.x SmartConsole problems with Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Security Management Server Technical Level
  • The below article provides solution for different scenarios when problem arises between SmartConsole and R7x Security /Multi-Domain Management server.
    These problems are not a connectivity issue. Please see the below symptoms and follow the solution.

  • SmartEvent GUI fails to load with "Machine is not configured as 'SmartEvent' on Management. Exiting..." error message.

  • IPS update fails with the following error:
    Internal Error: Failed to delete Database Object SDT_asm_dynamic_prop_SMB_EXESCAN Object Deletion Failed
    Internal Error: Failed to perform action 'delete' on 'SDT_asm_dynamic_prop_SMB_EXESCAN' at 'sd_topics' in file 'topic_delete'

    In addition, policy installation fails with:

    .../conf/<Policy_Name>.pf;, line N: ERROR: function or table 'CVE_2014_0254_0' undefined
    .../conf/<Policy_Name>.pf, line N: ERROR: function or table 'http_slow_handler' undefined
    compilation error
    Operation ended with errors

  • Constant Microsoft .NET Framework error when enabling Application Control blade and URL Filtering blade.

  • SmartDashboard freezes/crashes when selecting a field option like "Topology", in the Edit Object screen.

  • Database Revision Control creation fails with "failed to create version" error.

  • Policy installation fails with one of the following messages:
    • "Unable to save configuration database"
    • "Error while saving policy, Installation will abort"

  • When installing security policy, or saving / modifying the Application & URL FIltering policy, the following message appears:
    Application Control - Policy Failure
    Internal error, please call technical support

  • The mdsstart_customer command fails with error:
    FireWall-1: This is a Management Station. No Security Policy will be Loaded
    FireWall-1 started
    Starting SMS for CMA < CMA_Name >
    SMS started successfully.
    bash-2.05# 15000: Can't contact database

  • Adding a new object fails with errors:
    • Object <Object Name / IP> already created by another user
    • Object <Object Name / IP> contains invalid data and therefore cannot be created

  • SmartDashboard / SmartView Monitor shows a wrong expiration date for the Application Control / URL Filtering / Anti-Virus / Anti-Bot blades.
    Outputs of "cpstat" commands (e.g., "cpstat antimalware -f subscription_status", "cpstat appi -f subscription_status") show the correct information that these blades are up-to-date.

  • SmartDashboard cannot connect to the Security /Multi-Domain Management server, although the GUI client is properly defined.
    Error: "make sure the server is running and you are defined as the GUI client"

  • SmartEndpoint GUI - "Policy" tab - "Media Encryption & Port Protection" section - "Actions" column for each policy shows "There is no policy found".
    It is not possible to create new policies, or edit existing policies.

  • Policy Installation Status Shows "No Policy Prepared", N/A, "Waiting on first connection" or "Trust communication has been initialized, waiting for the appliance to connect."

    Fetching policy from the centrally managed appliance as well as Testing SIC from the appliance or Security Management server succeeds.

  • "Failed to remove references of Object ???? (Code: 0x800415A4, Object Deletion Failed)" error when trying to delete the Security Gateway object.

  • Policy Verification completes with the following message:
    ndb_open : mmap failed for /opt/CPsuite-RXX/fw1/conf/DaipFwmList.NDB: Cannot allocate memory Rules Verified OK!

  • "Status_connection is 8" system Alert Message in the SmartView Monitor.

  • SmartView Monitor shows "Attention", "Disconnected" or "Waiting" status for the gateway or cluster member, although all services are functioning normally on them.

  • "fwm_create_application_table: failed to update object applications" error in $FWDIR/log/fwm.elg during FWM debug.

  • CMA status is "Uknown", "Lagging" or "Stopped".

  • "Failed to read CA certificate from file" error when creating an External Check Point CA object.
    $FWDIR/log/fwm.elg during FWM debug shows: [CPMI] CCkpConfobjTableImpl::GetObject(internal_ca) - not found
    [CPMI] CCkpTable::GetByContext: Failed to get object internal_ca with err 0x800415a1 (Object Not Found)

  • Email alerts display old Security Management Server address after successful IP address change.

  • 'Object References Deletion Failed' error message when removing an administrator under the 'Administrators' tab of Smart Domain Manager.
    'Unspecified error' message when editing the property of the administrator.

    The MDS.elg file shows:

    Failed to execute SQLite statement: DELETE FROM object_id_to_table_name where object_id='{26558538-D9E8-43C4-B5FC-864824C34D43}' and session_id = '' (10, disk I/O error)
    Failed to execute SQLite statement: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO object_id_to_table_name ('object_id', 'table_name', 'object_name', 'session_id', 'class_name') VALUES(upper('{336C2BDB-8A3D-42F3-B602-E175710A6574}'), 'pv1_administrators', '', '', 'pv1_administrator') (10, disk I/O error)
    Failed to end transaction (1,cannot commit - no transaction is active)
    CCkpTableMgr::CommitTransaction: GetLinksManager->CommitTransaction failed

  • "Failed to create/update SmartLSM Gateway [GW name]" Error message pops-up when trying to create a Security Gateway object in SmartProvisioning.

  • After upfrade:
    • SmartView monitor is completely empty
    • Unable to install policy: policy installation box does not show any policy installation target
  • SmartConsole is very slow and its performance is poor.

The SmartConsole cache files $FWDIR/conf/applications.C* and $FWDIR/conf/CPMILinksMgr.db* on the Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Management became corrupted.

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