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Login to Gaia OS Clish fails with "CLINFR0819 User: admin denied access via CLI" after clean installation
  • After a successful clean installation, login to Gaia OS Clish fails:

    CLINFR0819 User: admin denied access via CLI

In the output of 'dmidecode' command, the value of 'Product Name' is empty (under 'System Information'):

[Expert@HostName]# dmidecode | grep -A2 "System Information"

System Information
 	Product Name:

As a result, the following files are removed from the machine, rendering CLISH unavailable:

  • /bin/ipsctl
  • /usr/lib/

Missing "Product Name" is expected only on Open Servers, which meet one (or more) of the following conditions:

  1. The hardware is not listed in Check Point Hardware Compatibility List (was not certified).

  2. The hardware was customized for user's needs and it is based on a supported model listed in the Hardware Compatibility List.

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