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How to exclude CMAs from mds_backup script Technical Level

This article is not relevant for R80.x

Proceed as follows in order to generate an mds_backup (Multi-Domain Management Server backup) with specific CMAs to be collected:

  1. Add the CMA directories to the 'mds_exclude.dat' file:

    # cd $MDSDIR/conf/
    #cp mds_exclude.dat mds_exclude.dat_original
    # echo "CPmds-R7X.X/customers/<CMA_Name>/*" >> mds_exclude.dat

    Note: the `R7X.X` section needs to be replaced with the actual version used in the actual path. Writing R7X.X in the path will result in lines not being written to the mds_exclude.dat file.

  2. Verify that mds_exclude.dat now has the additional line: # cat $MDSDIR/conf/mds_exclude.dat

    Note: CMAs that are mentioned in this file WILL NOT BE TAKEN in the mds_backup script 

  3. Go to a folder that has a lot of available free disk space and run the 'mds_backup' script from there (usually it's the /var/log directory):

    # cd /var/log/
    # mds_backup -l (-l means no log files)

    Now the mds_backup file should contain the MDS database and the CMA which isn't mentioned in the file mds_exclude.dat

    To verify which files are included in the mds_backup file, it is possible to perform a dry-run:

    # mds_backup -b -v > filename.txt

    The output file will contain a list of all files that are included in the mds_backup file, and you will be able to verify that the CMA you wish to exclude is not in the list.


Important Notes:

  • If you are prompted to stop the MDS processes, the mds_backup script will not automatically start them after the backups is finished.
  • Make sure to revert mds_exclude.dat file back to original after running the backup with the excluded CMA's with this command
    #cp mds_exclude.dat_original mds_exclude.dat
  • Make sure to label and store mdsbackups with excluded CMA's accordingly. Restoring an excluded backup will not restore CMA's that have been excluded.

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