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ASN.1 Denial of Service Attacks vulnerabilities in the OpenSSL library

Solution ID: sk32098
Product: Security Gateway, SecureClient, Multi-Domain Management / Provider-1, VSX, IPS / Web Intelligence, Mobile Access / SSL VPN, SSL Network Extender, SecurePlatform
Date Created: 25-Oct-2006
Last Modified: 28-Nov-2006
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Recent OpenSSL advisories reveal vulnerabilities in OpenSSL which may allow a malicious user to perpetrate a Denial of Service attack. Connectra uses the OpenSSL SSL/TLS library (libssl) and may therefore be affected. For more information, see OpenSSL Security Advisory [28th September 2006] .

Fixes for Connectra versions 2.0, NGX R60, NGX R61, and NGX R62 are available at this link: Connectra Security Hotfix (for download with no need for software subscription).

We strongly advise all Connectra customers to update their machines with this security Hotfix.

Note: No other Check Point products are affected.

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