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ATRG: CME (Cloud Management Extension) for CloudGuard Technical Level

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CME (Cloud Management Extension) for CloudGuard is a tool that runs on Check Point's Security Management Server and Multi-Domain Servers running Gaia OS.

CME allows cloud-native integration between Check Point Management and CloudGuard Network Security autoscaling groups in cloud platforms.

As a Service that runs on Check Point Management Servers, it continuously monitors CloudGuard IaaS solutions deployed in different cloud vendors and synchronizes them with the Security Management Server.

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This section details the definitions of the main terms used in CME. For more details, refer to the related Check Point documentation.

Scale set - A cloud resource that is used to deploy and manage identical Virtual Machines (VMs) groups. The Scale Sets increase or decrease the number of Virtual Machines based on the current needs. This article refers to Scale Set as a resource composed of CloudGuard Network Security Gateways.
The Scale sets are VMSS for Azure, Auto Scaling group for AWS, MIG for GCP.

Management - Check Point Security Management Server, Check Point Multi-Domain Management Server Server, or Check Point Primary domain in Multi-Domain Server-HA.
To check if the domain in Multi-Domain Server-HA is primary, run the cpprod_util FwIsPrimary command and the expected output is 1.

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